90sqm apartment in Roger de Llúria St, Eixample. Barcelona



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Award year

Project: Roger de Lluria
Works: Interior Design & refurbishment. Fully furnished.
Area: 90m2
Location: Barcelona

Photography: Sandra Rojo

Refurbishment works completed. The original layout of the apartment has been divided into two separated areas: an open space for public use and compartmented space for private use.
The area is fully used thanks to a functional program that dedicates 50% of the total surface to a single space that combines a big open kitchen, dinning-room and living space, as well as the entrance. A highly enjoyable space for the family as a whole. The remaining 50% of the space is dedicated to the private rooms. A large sliding door gives access to a long corridor that serves a double purpose: distribution and storage space, thanks to made-to-measure floor-to-ceiling high wardrobes; in this area, we find two single rooms with a shared and fully equipped bathroom and a double bedroom with enclosed dressing-room and a private and as well fully equipped bathroom.

*All reposts to credit F2M Francesch-Flavià-Manzano, ARQUITECTURA for the works. Please keep us posted.

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