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F2M, a key executive partner for Educational Centers
Innovative and contemporary pedagogical systems request the necessary transformation of learning and teaching spaces
Over the past few years F2M ARQUITECTURA has intensely worked in collaboration with educational centers as their strategic executive partner to undertake the necessary transformation of pedagogical spaces. We have established ourselves as a referee and pioneer studio for the Concept, Development and Project Design of innovative learning and teaching spaces.
Among our clients within the educational sphere, we are proud to mention the Jesuits Education Foundation. Who have entrusted our firm F2M ARQUITECTURA to undercarry the transformation of their pedagogical spaces in Catalonia. An escalated intervention within a five-year period to fully transform, renovate and adapt over 11,000sqm in a total of eight school centers.

*All reposts to credit F2M Francesch-Flavià-Manzano, ARQUITECTURA for the works. Please keep us posted.

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