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Public Contest: Canals-Junyer Civic Center in Vallcarca, Barcelona

Developer: BIMSA-Barcelona d’Infraestructures Municipals
Adress: Viaducte de Vallcarca 4-6, Dt: Gracia, Barcelona

The start point of our proposal ‘CONCAVA’ is the demolition of the non-historical existing construction, followed by the construction of a new building -adjacent to the existing historical one- to provide vertical communications and host the main entrance, among other uses, along with the full refurbishment of the existing historical building.
The new layout is designed as an approach to fullfil the needs of the recipient neighbourhood and provide it with a new cultural arena. The architectural 3D volumes of the existing historical building and the new one interact with each other with the purpose of highlighting the qualities of the existing building, while allowing the newly constructed one to express itself as an autonomous entity.
The new construction will be contemporary and yet respectful with the urban identity of the original Canals-Junyer building. It will be an adjacent and autonomous building intended to visually low-impact its environment as a neutral, lightful and discrete proposal. A permeable body that establishes an indoors-outdoors dialogue, accenting contextual transparency.
From the street, the view of the two buildings is veiled by an inoxidable steel mesh that brings the two autonomous buildings together as a whole.
‘Concava”, the piece of work by the Catalan painter Joan Junyer, who was born in the original house and after whom will be named the Civic Center, will be represented in steel mesh through a change of density, as an exterior fence that provides closure and identity to the resulting architectural complex; as a hommage to the work of this fine Catalan artist.

*All reposts to credit F2M Francesch-Flavià-Manzano, ARQUITECTURA for the works. Please keep us posted.

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